set-into-the-stick fins

Set-into-the-Stick Fins are WaterBomb proof.

I got the idea from Roy Stewart who builds rocket ships (surfboards) in New Zealand. And then also from Alex, in Halifax, who works wood. The method allows more strength in the fins while doing away with a mess of epoxy on the bottom of your board, fillet joints that will create some extra drag. All my fins are now set into blocking on the inside of the board, allowing for a super snug fit.


Fun with Glass!

Those interested in a Custom Job are encouraged to weigh in on issues such as choice of "laminate material." All we have to do is let go of our dearly-held notions of fiberglass and the like. We encourage the use of natural fibers such as bamboo and cotton to replace the fiberglass where-ever possible, which offer comparable strength at the same weight. Our bamboo source needs to be greenlight surfboard supply in Philadelphia PA yeah penna.



Hello and Welcome to SCOTIAWOOD, builder and certain purveyor of fine surfboards that surf. Check out our surfboards. so if you want a surfboard just make an order (thesamstack@gmail.com) and We will build you one. Check it!

face rocket

meet Face Rocket

all shots prior to final shaping, keeling and glassing.
cherry stringer, Scotia pine and Reclaimed cedar skins
tail block and nose block from cork, cherry, ash, pine, cedar laminate

wants to be surfed!
eight pounds, ten ounces without glass
hand carved and riven spruce single skeg
artwork by alex bettigole

Cherry Fish

meet Cherry Fish

all prior to final shaping, keeling and glassing. reclaimed cedar and Scotian cherry wood inlays, pine and ash skins. super fly bottom contour.

set-into-the-stick spruce twin keels and glossy finish
11 pounds, 4 ounces without glass
you can feel good!


meet Beep,
Leash Bar, and board

it is a "used" 5 foot 8 inch Fish, for sale to a good home. we accept check, money-order, beer, firstborn child. thesamstack@gmail.com
this board is eight to ten times stronger than when "new"
custom cork-cedar patch and newly set-into-thestick cheesecloth fins
super fresh finish

Business Convention Notes: Halifax

14 February 2009
special thanks to andrew, alex, cory, seamus



thanks to a. bettigole for this, which is being printed someplace later this week, and is one hundred percent historically accurate:

everybody surfboards

specializing in locally and sustainably harvested Hollow Wooden Witchcraft. ehem, i mean Watercraft.


Marketing Proposal, January 2009

Tougher than Your Board, You Betcha

Why Wood?

Wood is Good. Beautiful! Even sacred, maybe. Here in Shelburne, we have a ton of it. If used judiciously, it will continue to be available to skilled builders for generations to come. It is non-toxic to work with and has less of an impact on the waste stream than “modern” surfboard foam. Recycling of used wood is not just an option; it’s a reality. And planting new trees? Consider it done.

Why Now?

Now is the time to buy a surfboard that will last. How many fins and decks have you seen smashed in the sloppy beach-break? Don’t let it happen to you. Get a tough board. Your children will thank you.

Why Shelburne?

(((this information is classified))))

Why Everybody?

Everybody Surfboards has made a commitment to providing interesting shapes and will build to ANY custom specifications. Our first priority is environmental consciousness; we pledge to support the local business climate with a global perspective on our continued impact. Most importantly, we surf. We surf a lot. And our boards feel good.
Let’s Go!