dirty feels good.

大雨で盆栽がめちゃくちゃになった。The heavy rain made a mess of the bonzai. Point breaks feel better when you surf them with wooden singlefin beauties, I know this from experience.


Shiny New Boards

Here's a first glimpse at the finish on "Cherry Fish" and "Face Rocket." Coming to a point break near you!


those black spots in the pictures are alex's doodlings:


Thank You Campaign

Here's a Picture with new Tamarack set-in-the-stick Fins and a Killer Gloss-job all done. MAN is this board shiny, and strong as nails. Stronger. Had it out in big surf today and Feels Sweet!

It is a 5'8" Fish Tail with over 2 inches of thickness and 21 inches wide. This means she has a Lot of Float and feels great catching waves and gaining momentum down the line. And it's WOOD! beautiful red cedar, clear and strong, over a rock-solid fishbone. Looks better than new with the new fins and finish!

what if the whole world were made of Surfboards?

think about it. no crime, no war, no happiness, just surfboards.