while you were sleeping

i made one hundred of these in your dreams

a hundred tiny boats out of king salmon beach sand

i just made a hundred of these in your mind:


nova scotia

nova scotia is too cold. i don't recommend that you go there, no fun.

now i live in California. its superfun here, and super easy to grow oyhster mashrooms and surfboards.

come visit!

king salmon grizzly surfcraft

king salmon su-rfboards double rainbows happen here all the time


king salmon surfboards and so the world keeps turning


still here!

its an EPS epoxy bonanza!


busy, check it

just finishing up on a fewnew products:

6'2" thruster squash tail
6'1" retro singlefin
7'4" mini "long"board, pintail
36" poplar carveboards, for max and nathan

now featuring futures finboxes and homemade bamboo center skegs!

for max and nathan



zero feet, zero seconds

even with the boost.

scroll it for surfboards by sam!

cypress incarnation (of the) singlefin

its puking in pittsburgh

six one (thruster)

miniLong pin w/ future sidebites


and a couple carve decks, bklyn

superfun, also think i found the limits of this medium in a skatepark enviornment today--

you can't take humboldt out of the surfboard...

i guess for the same reason you can't take the surfboard out of humboldt?

i got some work done on my american tour, like the paint and servicing on a few of pulsifer's hulls...

and this superthin, highly experimental flexxybomb... bamboo deck with cedar rails and bottom, my main concern was with the bottom shape, a fully righteous 1-2 concave.

bamboo thruster setup,

five eight and a half with a moon art tail, i know. ol' petes making one same shape with paulownia back in cali, cali, so we'll compare weight after shes all said and done.


skateboard fleet 0001 since 'aught nine

to those who have ordered skateboards:

your order is being processed at all hours of the day. thank you for your patronage.


scotiawood laboratories under construction

Round timbers have begun to go up for this future workshop in the 'wood. It is to be mostly green balsam logs pegged together with square ironwood pegs, riven out with a hatchet and driven home with a handmade maul. For the coming summer I have milled out parts for a few new boards and plan to work under this roof with hand tools.... blah blah blah


Against Animal Testing

Unless you count sea urchins... Here's some nice pictures of the flat little fishy I hope to sell soon. Turns out It's easier to ride than it is to sell, for multiple reasons. I was able to cut quite a bit of weight out of the design and I've ridden it a couple days, just to be sure. Really really fast and fun to pump on smaller days. And GOD it looks good. The leash loop used to be a sea Urchin. Check it out! Scroll down to "Cherry Fish" for more of the specs.